Location and Maps

The Village of Hunting Valley is bounded, generally, on the west by the City of Pepper Pike, along S.O.M. Center Road (State Route 91); on the north by the Village of Gates Mills, along Cedar Road; to the east by Russell Township, along County Line Road; and on the south by the Village of Moreland Hills, along South Woodland Road (State Route 87). Of the 8 square miles of Village area, roughly 7 square miles are in Cuyahoga County, 1 square mile in Geauga County.

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The Chagrin River, a tributary designated as a "Scenic Waterway" by the State of Ohio, traverses the Village from south to north on the eastern edge of the Cuyahoga County portion of Hunting Valley. The river is fed by two tributaries as it flows through the Village; Luce Creek flowing from Pepper Pike and Griswold Creek which flows from Geauga County (Chester and Russell Townships). There are numerous, unnamed lesser tributaries that feed into the Chagrin River as it courses through Hunting Valley in route to Lake Erie.

The Village, being within two separate counties, is represented by two school districts; Orange and West Geauga school districts, both of which are highly regarded nationally. University School, a private college preparatory school, is located in the Village of Hunting Valley and maintains its Upper School Campus on 212 acres of land off of S.O.M. Center Road. Squire Valley View Farm, a research and recreational property belonging to Case Western Reserve University, is situated on 381 acres of land bequeathed to the school by the locally renowned Squire and Wade families in the early and mid 20th century. There are also vestiges of one room school houses from the nineteenth century evident within the Village, either at their original location or transferred here from a nearby community.

In excess of 60% of all land within the Village is owned by the Village of Hunting Valley, two private educational institutions and twenty families. Village ownership includes 115.37 acres of land without any easement and of 522.27 acres of land under a conservation easement. In addition to this land, the Chagrin River Land Conservancy holds easements prohibiting development on 297 acres of private land.

Developments within the Village exist in the form of the former Van Swerigen estate and farm, now the Daisy Hill Farm community, bordered by the singular white fence on S.O.M. Center and Shaker Blvd. The next example is the Hunting Hill development, an early, nineteenth century hunt property, re-developed into condominium cluster housing and several grand homes including the original estate manor. Further, there is the Arrowhead Farm development, so named by the early property owners due to the propensity of arrowhead artifacts found during the course of farming the land. Nottingham Lane is a new development off of Shaker Blvd. that is still growing, undergoing new home construction.