Police Services

First Call: For several years the police department has had in place a program to check periodically on the well-being of some of our most senior residents. We would like to enhance that service by offering any of you who live alone and request it a "First Call" each and every weekday morning to check in on you. If you care to participate in the "First Call" program, simply call (440)247-6106.


The Village is a member of the Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center, which provides all our emergency services telephone operations (including 911) and radio communications.  An additional benefit available to residents through CVDC is a “reverse notification” system called “CODE RED”.  This system will allow the Village to contact a large number of residents in a relatively short period of time.  It can be used in a time of emergency to apprise residents of dangerous conditions, or to inform of a particular situation or something to be aware of. The system quickly notifies you by phone call, text or email at any number(s) or email address(s) you wish.

You may take advantage of this service by either providing the necessary information via the link found on the Village website or by calling Village Hall and speaking with the secretary, who will be happy to input the necessary information.  If you have any questions about the system or wish assistance in signing up for the service, please call (440)247-6106, and we will be happy to help in any way possible.

Uninvited Visitors List: The Village offers each resident the opportunity to sign a form that will indicate whether or not they wish to allow uninvited visitors on their property. Residents who sign the form will have their names placed on a list of persons who do not wish to have any uninvited visitors. Those who do not sign the form will be placed on a list of persons who do not object to uninvited visitors coming on to their property for canvassing purposes. This list is issued to persons who wish to canvass Village residents. Those canvassing commercially must register with the Village. Canvassers who wish to speak on non-commercial matters (candidates for political office, ballot issues, religion, etc.) are not required to do so.

Vial of Life: Each member of your household may have an individual vial located in your refrigerator available to EMS personnel should a medical emergency arise. The vial(s) will contain vital personal medical information that can be of critical importance in the event that it is needed by EMS personnel. You can have an officer stop by to present the "Vial of Life" program to you and your family by calling (440) 247-7324, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.