The Village of Hunting Valley Recycling Program

The Village of Hunting Valley offers backdoor recycling collection for all residential properties.  We also provide two 96 gallon totes. One with a black lid for solid waste and one with a green lid for all recyclables, no need to separate your items, they may be co-mingled. 

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Items that qualify for backdoor recycle pickup:

  • Aluminum cans Steel cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Paper            
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Phone books

Village Hall recycling:

In addition to the backdoor recycling the Village also maintains a center for recycling located at our Village Hall for items that cannot be placed in your backdoor recycle bins, these items can be brought to the Village Hall recycling center at any time.

This drop-off site is only for the specific materials listed.  You do not need to separate items; they are separated at the processing center because it is more efficient to transport a full bin than a partially filled bin.

  • Computers/Copiers/Printers/faxes and associated software
    • Hard drives are guaranteed to be destroyed
  • Cell phones and associated cords, adaptors, cases and batteries
  • Steel/metal
  • Automobile Tires
  • Car, tractor, motorcycle, truck batteries
  • Thermostats/Thermometers
  • Household Hazardous waste, such as:
    • Paints/Thinners - Hunting Valley cannot accept latex paints. Latex paints are 95% water and may be disposed of in the solid waste tote by mixing kitty litter into the paint and allowing it to solidify. .  
    • Cleaners
    • Pesticides
    • Insect repellent


Care must be taken to properly use, store and dispose of hazardous products so they do not harm people, pets and the environment.  Hazardous products carelessly tossed in the trash can injure sanitation workers, damage collection vehicles, or leak into the environment.  Some products, when poured directly down the drain or on the ground, can damage plumbing or septic systems and pollute our water supplies.  Improper storage of these products within reach of children, or in unmarked or unsealed containers is a safety hazard.

Other Common Items:

Some items we are unable to recycle but may be taken to other locations:

Televisions – Best Buy or Ret 3, a fee may be charged at either of these
  Best (fee charged)
  RET3 Job Corp. –, 1814 East 40th Street,
     Cleveland, OH  44103, 216-361-9991 (fee charged)


You may bring personal papers to the Village Hall on shredding day, check the website at for dates and times.  If our scheduled shredding day is not convenient and you are comfortable with dropping off your papers, you may drop off your box or boxes at the Village Hall any day during normal business hours, tape them closed and label them if you wish. We will make sure your papers/files are disposed of properly on the scheduled shredding day.


Contact us at or 440-247-6106

Where can I Donate?

Click here to view a list from Cuyahoga County on where items may be donated CuyahogaCountyPassItOn.


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