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Healthy Urban Tree Canopy Grant Program Funding and Financial Support of Cuyahoga County


The Village of Hunting Valley in partnership with Bartlett Tree Service has received an Urban Tree Canopy Grant from the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission to enhance the village-owned five-acre parcel on the corner of Shaker Blvd. and SOM Center Road.


Bartlett Tree Service has completed the removal of underbrush including invasive woody growth as well as removing dead or declining trees throughout the property. They have also cleared the stream banks and installed jute matting for erosion control.


This spring Bartlett will return for final cleanup, installation of live stakes along the stream banks, and the planting of trees and saplings throughout the project under the supervision of the Cuyahoga County Soils and Water Conservation District.


The project is scheduled for completion in June 2023.

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