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The Hunting Valley Police Department is dedicated to providing outstanding services to its residents as well as visitors to our Village.  We train our officers to be proficient peace officers with a strong emphasis on community engagement.  The Council and Mayor provide our officers with the necessary equipment and supports a robust training regimen. 


A recent installment of license plate reader cameras was put at every entry point into the Village which will notify officers of any stolen vehicles, wanted persons, or missing children/adults entered into the National Crime Information Center.  The information gathered can be used as an investigative tool if any criminal or suspicious incidents occur within our borders. 

We will continue to focus on the safety of our community and will be steadfast professionals when engaging with our residents and the general public.  We appreciate the support of our Village and are proud to be an integral part of this community.


“The Hunting Valley Police Department is a community-oriented, full-service

service organization.  Our officers are committed to providing the residents

and the general public with a safe and secure environment.  Our duty to the

          The village is based on an organizational philosophy of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.”



Michael J. Cannon


38251 Fairmount Blvd.
Hunting Valley, OH 44022

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