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Shredding Recycle Survey

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Hunting Valley Winter of 2024 Recycling Update


Dear residents,

Thank you for supporting Hunting Valley’s recycling program.  As a result of your efforts, our recycling rate improved from 18.6% to 19.8% last year (excluding yard waste).  We have improved substantially from 2018, when our rate was 13.4%.  We now rank among the best communities in Cuyahoga County! 

Last year, the September Special Collection gathered 2,236 pounds of latex paint, 2,167 pounds of hazardous waste, 1 pallet of electronics, 1,040 pounds of tires and 3,380 pounds of scrap metal worth $264.  In total, for last year, special collections generated 13,404 pounds of recyclable material, or about 8% of our recycling total.  Thank you to village resident Chris DeMilta of DeMilta Iron & Metal for donating the scrap metal dumpster and contributing the receipts to the service department. 

Given our success, this year we will plan another special collection event, hold 2 shred days, update the website, send more mailings and arrange for a tour of Waste Management’s processing plant.  Please see the backside of this letter for a recycling calendar.  If you prefer to avoid paper, many residents also update their digital calendars, noting recycling vs. non-recycling weeks.

The special collection program also provided 70 residents and staff an opportunity to enjoy ice cream and learn more about recycling at our Ice Cream Social, donated by the Hunting Valley Foundation.  Thank you!!

To improve shred day participation, please complete a 2-minute survey via the Village website @ Resident living recycling page.  You can also learn more about Waste Management’s vast capabilities at

We would like to thank the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District for their expertise and for funding our program the past few years!  Please visit and select Hunting Valley for your location for questions on specific items or to participate in CCSWD special programs.

Thank you again for your support and finding ways to recycle more and landfill less!

Sanjay Gandhi, Jim Hickey, Teri Koslen, Madelaine Mavec, Bobbi Pincus, Ellen Resnik, Sherri Gambrill, Michael Clements, Joyce Cieslak, Victor Strauss and Harry Hawkes Jr.

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